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socket for standardised cabinets

The standard base of the GSAB-cabinets/enclosures consists of a stable fiberglass case and will fit to our normal electric cable distributor or distributor cabinets of 850, 1000, 1100 millimeters and 1300 millimeters heights. As standard, the fiberglass housing comes with a cable rail in galvanized steel bar and can be added to the customer with an aluminum angle bar.

The euro-standard base is designed as a base for a tool-free mounting and has two covers on the front and one on the back. Of course, the fiberglass enclosure is available as a standard base with standard single-sided inlets. The implementation of the GRP-base as a solid square base has a fixed place or two entries for cable assignment for a closed door cabinet with rounded edges for cable support with rail C-profile clamps and a slide-lock to ensure protection against shock hazards. The flood base includes a one-sided temporary entry, but is also available with fixed fairground entry.

stand for standardised cabinets

accessories for stands for standardised cabinets