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distributor columns

Distributor columns with stand from GSAB have versatile applications: as a meter box, for electrical distribution, for cable distribution, as a cable transition box, for a low-voltage distribution, power distribution box or as a distribution center.

All distribution pillars with bases are made ​​of weather-and UV-resistant fiberglass-reinforced polyester and have a high impact strength and puncture resistance.

The electrical distributors pillars have two continuous fastening strips down to the base area, allowing the individual securing a cable rail and the mounting plate and are resistant to chemical attack.

The distribution columns are available with different closures.
The weather protection cover of the profile cylinder made of particularly reinforced die-cast zinc prevents damage due to vandalism.
As an option, the distribution columns with mounting plates made ​​of PVC (5 or 6 mm).

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accessories for series 35 and 58

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